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Public Policy Pathshala (PPP) is a research and consulting firm – registered with the Office of Company Registrar – with a long history of engaging with and supporting policymakers. Since its inception in 2010, it has gathered experiences in facilitating committees of the Constituent Assembly as well as the Parliament in the formulation of policies and legislations. PPP maintains, as one of its key strengths, the ability to draw from knowledge and skills from a long list of sectoral experts who have reputable experience working in policy and governance arena in health, agriculture, natural resources, education and other socio-economic sectors.

Our History

PPP is currently engaged in an year-long program to strengthen local health governance. The project includes direct technical support for health sector policy making to seven municipalities as well as development of legal and policy tools for local health governance that can be replicated around the country.



PPP collaborated in 2018 with Save the Children to facilitate policy discussions at local and provincial levels for improving and sustaining the status of newborn care and maternal health in Province No. 2. The project involved direct interactions with representations from 135 municipalities and rural municipalities in the province as well as officials from the Province government.



In 2018, PPP successfully concluded two projects to empower and orient the newly formed local governments. The Asia Foundation (TAF) supported project ‘Legally Empowering Municipal Officials in Local Health Governance’ was aimed at drafting a template Local Health Act for rural and urban municipalities. The project saw PPP meet with representatives from over a dozen local municipalities including mayors, chairpersons and government officials to identify the challenges to federal transition and consult with sectoral experts and bureaucrats from Federalism Implementation Unit and Ministry of Health (MoH) for the first draft of the template act. The project came to an end with the publication of a template Local Health Act after the validation of the first draft in participation of 50 participants including representatives from 27 local government units, officials of MoH, and its subordinate authorities. A list of recommended additional legal tools was also delivered along with the act to facilitate effective health governance at municipal level.


The World Wildlife Fund supported project ‘Training Elected Municipal Officials in Conservation and Management of Natural Resources’ was aimed at enhancing the understanding on provisions of the constitution and other guiding instruments, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, on natural resource management to build the capacity of the local government officials to enable them to program and implement at local level. For the project, training workshops were organized in the Terai region at Simara, Amaltari, Mahendranagar and Kohalpur for 180 participants including more than 100 representatives from rural and urban municipalities.



Besides that, PPP has carried out research, published numerous policy papers and organized seminars on issues like migrant workers and development; land management and reform; improving living standards of former Haliyas; and agriculture policies. PPP has also collaborated with 15 directly-elected MPs representing Kathmandu Valley for their campaign Livable Kathmandu, conducting research on different policy areas vital to urban development: energy, air pollution, drinking water, sewerage, transportation and open public spaces. PPP has also delved into supporting national discourses on federalism, watershed management, land use policy, and energy policy.

5 Policy Based Projects

in 215 Local Governments

involving 5,000 people

benefiting 3.5 million people

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge through research, publication, campaign, and dialogue among key stakeholders in Society.

Our Vission

Public Policy Pathshala aims at the creation of an equitable, just and sound society enriched by the principles of democracy.

Our Values

we believe in Rule of Law, Individual Freedom, Democracy, Good Governance, Transparency, Social Justice, and Non-violence.


Policy Dialogue & Advocacy




Policy Research Entrepreneurship

Work as a Think Tank that develops and promotes alternative solutions to issues concerned with the Nepali society through policy research entrepreneurship.

Facilitate the formulation

Facilitate the formulation of appropriate policies and programs through studies on quality, efficacy, and reliability of existing as well as proposed policies.

Strengthen institutions

Strengthen state institutions as well as non-state institutions to enable coherent, rational and consistent policy formulation leading to quality life of every citizen.

Produce and disseminate information

Produce and disseminate informational and educational materials relevant to pertinent policy problems and their potential solutions